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Mercredi 7 mars 2018 à 11h00 en salle K118

Alexandre Gramfort, INRIA

Titre/Title : What problem can you solve with machine learning and how ?

Contact : Pierre Augier (Equipe MEIGE)

Résumé/Abstract : In this lecture I will cover the various families of problems that machine learning can solve. Using
examples, primarily on images, I will present various linear and non-linear dimensionality reduc-
tion methods (PCA,NMF, T-SNE), I will motivate the use of certain clustering techniques (K-means,
DBSCAN) and I will then explain which families of methods exist for building predictive models
(linear methods, trees, nearest neighbors). I will insist on the computational aspects explaining the
differences between batch and online learning which is necessary when data become too big to fit
in RAM. This talk with be a live demo using the scikit-learn software.