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Publications 2015


Congedo, P. M., Goncalvès Da Silva, E., & Rodio, M. G. (2015). Uncertainty quantification of turbulence and cavitation models in cavitating flows simulations. INRIA Bordeaux ; INRIA.


Kattekola, B., Fivel, M. C., & Franc, J. - P. (2015). Cavitation erosion in UHMWPE: a three-dimensional FEM study (I. P. Bohdana Marvalova, Ed.). CRC Press.

Currently in Preparation or Submitted

Machicoane, N., López-Caballero, M., Fiabane, L., Pinton, J. - F., Bourgoin, M., Burguete, J., et al. (2015). Stochastic dynamics of particles trapped in turbulent flows.
Wirth, A. (2015). A Guided Tour Through Buoyancy Driven Flows and Mixing. France.
Wirth, A. (2015). A Guided Tour Through Physical Oceanography. France, France.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Adare, A., Afanasiev, S., Aidala, C., Ajitanand, N. N., Akiba, Y., Al-Bataineh, H., et al. (2015). Systematic Study of Azimuthal Anisotropy in Cu$+$Cu and Au$+$Au Collisions at $\sqrts__NN = 62.4$ and 200 GeV. Physical Review C, 92(3), 034913.
Akuetevi, C. Q. C., & Wirth, A. (2015). Dynamics of turbulent western-boundary currents at low latitude in a shallow-water model. Ocean Science, 11, 471–481.
Akuetevi, C. Q. C., & Wirth, A. (2015). Dynamics of turbulent western-boundary currents at low latitude in a shallow-water model. Ocean Science, (11), 471–481.
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Deplancke, T., Lame, O., Cavaillé, J. - Y., Fivel, M. C., Riondet, M., & Franc, J. - P. (2015). Outstanding cavitation erosion resistance of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) coatings. Wear, 328-329, 301–308.
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Roy, S. C., Franc, J. - P., Pellone, C., & Fivel, M. C. (2015). Determination of cavitation load spectra ? Part 1: Static finite element approach. Wear, 344-345, 110–119.
Roy, S. C., Franc, J. - P., Ranc, N., & Fivel, M. C. (2015). Determination of cavitation load spectra-Part 2: Dynamic finite element approach. Wear, 344-345, 120–129.
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Conference Proceedings

Aumelas, V., Maj, G., Franc, J. - P., & Lecoffre, Y. (2015). Microbubbles seeding for flow characterization. In 4th International Conference on Advanced Model Measurement Technology for the Maritime Industry (AMT'15). Istanbul, Turkey.
Baldeck, P. L., Chichkov, B., Farsari, M., Romero, P., Nerea, O., Stephan, O., et al. (2015). High-speed 3D laser printing by two-photon induced chemistry: breaking the centimeter-scale limit. In Photonics West OPTO 2015 : Optoelectronic Materials, Devices, and Applications (Vol. 9360-34, Session 9). San Francisco, United States: SPIE.
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Deplancke, T., Fivel, M. C., Lame, O., Cavaillé, J. - Y., & Franc, J. - P. (2015). Résistance à l'érosion par cavitation de revêtements UHMWPE fritté et corrélation mécanique. In 22ème Congrès Français de Mécanique. Lyon, France.
Guillaud, N., Balarac, G., & Goncalves da Silva, E. (2015). LES on a pitching airfoil : analysis of the aerodynamic coefficients unsteadiness. In 4th International Conference on Turbulence and Interactions. Cargèse, France.
Kattekola, B., Deplancke, T., Fivel, M. C., & Franc, J. - P. (2015). Numerical modelling of cavitation erosion in UHMWPE. In International Conference on Mechanics of Complex Solids and Fluids. Lille, France.
Moreau, G., & De-Marchi, O. (2015). Retour d'expérience sur le premier bâtiment universitaire câblé en fibre optique. In Congrès JRES : Les Journées Réseaux. Montpellier, France.
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Roy, S. C., Fivel, M. C., Franc, J. - P., Pellone, C., & Verdier, M. (2015). Cavitation Pitting: Using the Target Material as a Sensor. In 13th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics. San Diego, CA, United States.
Tardu, S. F. (2015). Topology of rare events in low Reynolds number wall turbulence . In Whither Turbulence and Big Data for the 21 st Century Symposium. Cargèse Corsica, France.
Wilhelm, S., Balarac, G., Metais, O., & Ségoufin, C. (2015). Analysis of head losses in a turbine draft tube by means of 3D unsteady simulations. In Turbulence Heat and Mass Transfer 8. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ph.D. Theses

Bauer, F. (2015). Transport and production in turbulent flows at moderate Reynolds numbers. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Brugière, O. (2015). Reliability and uncertainty assessment for the numerical simulation of turbulence : application to hydraulic machines. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Caudwell, T. (2015). Convection and stratification induced by a heating wall : experimental measures and modelling. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Charriere, B. (2015). Modeling and simulation for turbulent cavitating flows with void ratio transport equation model. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Cherief, W. (2015). Study of ferrofluids and their applications to the enhancement of heat transfer by forced convection. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Ješe, U. Ì. Œ. (2015). Numerical study of pump-turbine instabilities : pumping mode off-design conditions. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Kessar, M. (2015). Direct numerical simulations of maximally helical turbulence and LES models of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Krumenacker, L. (2015). Contribution to the prediction of cavitation erosion from numerical simulations : proposition of a two scales model to estimate the charge imposed by the fluid. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Marty, S. (2015). Assisted atomisation of a liquid layer : case of thin films. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Monmarson, B. (2015). Simulation of a large-scale airlift pump taking into account uncertainties. Application to the optimization of a new urban geothermal system. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Moulin, A. (2015). Air-sea interaction at the synoptic- and the meso-scale. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Raimundo, P. M. (2015). Analysis and modelization of local hydrodynamics in bubble columns. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Vollant, A. (2015). Evaluation et development of subgrid scale models for large eddy simulation of mixing based on optimal estimator and machin learning. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .

Book Contributions

Decaix, J., Balarac, G., & Munch, C. (2015). Rans Computations of a Cavitating Tip Vortex. In Advances in Hydroinformatics.
Larroudé, P., Daou, M. - P., Cartier, A., & Héquette, A. (2015). Sediment transport formulae for coastal morphodynamic simulation: calculated sediment flux against in situ data. In R. M. Maanan M. (Ed.), Coastal Sediment Fluxes. Springer Publishers.