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Publications 2016


Augier, P., Bonamy, C., Campagne, A., & Vishnu Mohanan, A. (2016). FluidImage, a libre framework for scientific treatments of large sets of images.
Bulliard-Sauret, O., Ferrouillat, S., Vignal, L., Memponteil, A., & Gondrexon, N. (2016). Ultrasound heat transfer enhancement: A promising way to avoid temperature electronic failure.
Lamotte, H., Roux, J. - M., Lupette, J., Marechal, E., & Achard, J. - L. (2016). Extraction by spark generated shockwaves.

Currently in Preparation or Submitted

Moreau, G. P. A. (2016). Cycle de vie des données : exemple et application. Orsay, France.
Venaille, A., Gostiaux, L., & Sommeria, J. (2016). A statistical mechanics approach to mixing in stratified fluids.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Benard, P., Balarac, G., Moureau, V., Dobrzynski, C., Lartigue, G., & D'Angelo, Y. (2016). Mesh adaptation for large-eddy simulations in complex geometries. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, .
Caney, N., Riofrío, M. C., & Gruss, J. - A. (2016). State of the art of efficient pumped two-phase flow cooling technologies. Applied Thermal Engineering, 104, 333–343.
Caudwell, T., Flór, J. - B., & Negretti, M. - E. (2016). Convection at an isothermal wall in an enclosure and establishment of stratification. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, (799), 448–475.
De Rango, P., Marty, P., & Fruchart, D. (2016). Hydrogen storage systems based on magnesium hydride: from laboratory tests to fuel cell integration. Applied physics. A, Materials science & processing, 122(2), 126.
Kessar, M., Balarac, G., & Plunian, F. (2016). The effect of subgrid-scale models on grid-scale/subgrid-scale energy transfers in large-eddy simulation of incompressible magnetohydrodynamic turbulence. Physics of Plasmas, .
Leclercq, C. B., Partridge, J. R., Augier, P., Dalziel, S. R., & Kerswell, R. R. (2016). Using stratification to mitigate end effects in quasi-Keplerian Taylor-Couette flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 791, 608–630.
Martinelli, M., Soupart-Caron, A., Bentivoglio, F., Marty, P., Couturier, R., & Fourmigue, J. - F. (2016). Experimental study of a phase change thermal energy storage with copper foam. Applied Thermal Engineering, .
Marty, P., Danaci, S., Protasova, L., Lefevere, J., Bedel, L., & Guilet, R. (2016). Efficient CO 2 methanation over Ni/Al 2 O 3 coated structured catalysts. Catalysis Today, 273, 234–243.
Marty, P., Rebzani, N., Clavel, E., & Morin, A. (2016). Numerical multiphysics modeling of temperature rises in gas insulated busbars. IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 23(5), 2579–2586.
Mauger, C., Volk, R., Machicoane, N., Bourgoin, M., Cottin-Bizonne, C., Ybert, C., et al. (2016). Diffusiophoresis at the macroscale. Physical Review Fluids, 1(3), 034001.
Maurin, R., Chauchat, J., & Frey, P. (2016). Dense granular flow rheology in turbulent bedload transport. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 804, 490–512.
Mer, S., Fernández, D., Thibault, J. - P., & Corre, C. (2016). Optimal design of a Thermodynamic Vent System for cryogenic propellant storage. Cryogenics, 80, 127–137.
Mer, S., Thibault, J. - P., & Corre, C. (2016). Active insulation technique applied to the experimental analysis of a thermodynamic control system for cryogenic propellant storage. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 8, 021024.
Mordant, N., & Aubourg, Q. (2016). Investigation of resonances in gravity-capillary wave turbulence. Physical Review Fluids, 1(2).
Moulin, A., & Wirth, A. (2016). Momentum Transfer Between an Atmospheric and an Oceanic Layer at the Synoptic and the Mesoscale: An Idealized Numerical Study. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 160(3), 551–568.
Naveira Garabato, A. C., Zika, J. D., Jullion, L., Brown, P. J., Holland, P. R., Meredith, M. P., et al. (2016). The thermodynamic balance of the Weddell Gyre. Geophysical Research Letters, 43(1).
Peters, F., Ghigliotti, G., Gallier, S., Blanc, F., Lemaire, E., & Lobry, L. (2016). Rheology of non-Brownian suspensions of rough frictional particles under shear reversal: A numerical study. Journal of rheology, 60(4), 715–732.
Prothin, S., Billard, J. - Y., & Djeridi, H. (2016). Image processing using proper orthogonal and dynamic mode decompositions for the study of cavitation developing on a NACA0015 foil. Experiments in Fluids, 57(10), 157–182.
Raimundo, P. M., Cartellier, A., Beneventi, D., Forret, A., & Augier, F. (2016). A new technique for in-situ measurements of bubble characteristics in bubble columns operated in the heterogeneous regime. Chemical Engineering Science, 155, 504–523.
Revil-Baudard, T., Chauchat, J., Hurther, D., & Eiff, O. (2016). Turbulence modifications induced by the bed mobility in intense sediment-laden flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 808, 469–484.
Revil-Baudard, T., Chauchat, J., Hurther, D., & Eiff, O. (2016). Turbulence modifications induced by the bed mobility in intense sediment-laden flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 808, 469–484.
Simon, A., Martinez Molina, J. J., & Fortes Patella, R. (2016). A new processing to estimate the speed of sound using three sensors method. Experiments in Fluids, 57(1).
Soupart-Caron, A., Fourmigue, J. - F., Marty, P., & Couturier, R. (2016). Performance analysis of Thermal Energy Storage systems using Phase Change Material. Applied Thermal Engineering, 98, 1286–1296.
Tardu, S. F. (2016). Concomitance of the local spanwise velocity and production in wall turbulence. Physics of Fluids, .
Tardu, S. F., & Bauer, F. (2016). Vorticity transport in low Reynolds number turbulent channel flows. European Journal of Mechanics – B/Fluids, .
Triché, D., Bonnot, S., Perier-Muzet, M., Boudéhenn, F., Demasles, H., & Caney, N. (2016). Modeling and Experimental Study of an Ammonia-water Falling Film Absorber. Energy Procedia, 91, 857–867.
Van Der Zanden, J., Van Der A, D., Hurther, D., Caceres, I., O'Donoghue, T., & Ribberink, J. (2016). Near-bed hydrodynamics and turbulence below a large-scale plunging breaking wave over a mobile barred bed profile. Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, 121, 6482–6506.
Vollant, A., Balarac, G., & Corre, C. (2016). A dynamic regularized gradient model of the subgrid-scale stress tensor for large-eddy simulation. Physics of Fluids, 28(2), 025114.
Wendling, V., Legout, C., Gratiot, N., Michallet, H., & Grangeon, T. (2016). Dynamics of soil aggregate size in turbulent flow: Respective effect of soil type and suspended concentration. CATENA, 141, 66–72.
Wilhelm, S., Balarac, G., Métais, O., & Ségoufin, C. (2016). Analysis of Head Losses in a Turbine Draft Tube by Means of 3D Unsteady Simulations. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, .

Conference Proceedings

Anika, N., Djenidi, L., & Tardu, S. F. (2016). Pulsed jets in laminar smooth and rough wall channel flows . In 11th International Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements. Palermo, Italy.
Aumelas, V., Lecoffre, Y., Maj, G., & Franc, J. - P. (2016). Micro-bubbles seeding for flow characterization. In 28th IAHR symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems. Grenoble, France.
Campagne, A., Alfredsson, H., Chassagne, R., Micard, D., Mordant, N., Segalini, A., et al. (2016). First report of the MILESTONE experiment: strongly stratified turbulence and mixing efficiency in the Coriolis platform. In VIIIth International Symposium on Stratified Flows (ISSF). San Diego, United States.
Goncalvès Da Silva, E., Decaix, J., & Charrière, B. (2016). Numerical study of 3D turbulent cavitating flows. In 6th Symposium on hybrid RANS LES Methods, HRLM 2016. Strasbourg, France.
Guillaud, N., Balarac, G., Goncalvès Da Silva, E., & Zanette, J. (2016). Large eddy simulations on vertical axis hydrokinetic turbines and flow phenomena analysis. In 28th Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems, IAHR 2016. Grenoble, France.
Guyot, G., Rodriguez, M. P., Pfister, M., Matas, J. - P., & Cartellier, A. (2016). Experimental study of large scale plunging jets. In 6ᵗʰ International Symposium on Hydraulic Structures (ISHS 2016). Portland, OR, United States.
Maître, T., Bossard, J., Vignal, L., & Franc, J. - P. (2016). Darrieus turbine modellings – Comparisons with performance measurements and PIV fields. In International Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Dynamics of Rotating Machinery. Honolulu, United States.
Moreau, G. P. A., & De-Marchi, O. (2016). Déploiement d'un réseau en fibres optiques FTTO en milieu occupé. In Journée Thématique du Club Fibres Optiques et Réseaux. Villetaneuse, France.
Shmakova, N., Flór, J. - B., Voisin, B., Sommeria, J., & Viboud, S. (2016). High Stokes number wave focusing by a circular ridge: Internal, inertial and inertia?gravity waves.. San Diego, United States.
Simon, A., Fortes Patella, R., Martinez Molina, J. J., Kernilis, A., & Dehouve, J. (2016). Transfer function identification of POGO system device. In Space Propulsion 2016. Rome, Italy.
Simon, A., Fortes Patella, R., Martinez Molina, J. J., Rebattet, C., Brillault, R., & Kernilis, A. (2016). Acoustic characterization of hydraulic systems: application to POGO phenomenon. In 28th IAHR symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems (IAHR2016). Grenoble, France.
Sommeria, J., Ajayi, A. - O., Raja, K. J., Staquet, C., Viboud, S., & Voisin, B. (2016). Laboratory modelling of momentum transport by internal gravity waves and eddies in the Antarctic circumpolar current. In VIIIth International Symposium on Stratified Flows (ISSF). San Diego, CA, United States.
Tardu, S. F. (2016). Fine structure of the near wall dissipation . In XXIV ICTAM. Montréal, Canada.
Venaille, A., Gostiaux, L., & Sommeria, J. (2016). A statistical mechanics theory for mixing in stratified fluids. In VIIIth Int. Symp. on Stratified Flows. Proceedings of the VIIIth Int. Symp. on Stratified Flows. San Diego, United States.
Venaille, A., Gostiaux, L., & Sommeria, J. (2016). On mixing across a stable density interface. In Emil Hopfinger Colloquium 2016. Grenoble, France.

Ph.D. Theses

Aubourg, Q. (2016). Experimental study of wave turbulence on the surface of a fluid. The theory of the weak turbulence against reality for capillary and gravity waves. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Blein, S. (2016). Experiment and modelling of stable stmopheric soundary layer on complex terrain : the turbulent katabatic wind process. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Delon, A. (2016). Flapping instability of a liquid jet. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Guillard, J. - C. (2016). Experimental study of an assisted atomization of a two-phase gaz-liquid jet. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Medeiros, A. C. de A. P. (2016). Experimental study of biofilm formation under controlled hydrodynamic conditions. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Mer, S. (2016). Cryogen storage for space exploration : experimental study, modelling and optimization of a thermodynamic vent system. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Oudart, T. (2016). Morpho-sedimentary dynamics of macrotidal sandy shores with intertidal bars : numerical modeling and in situ experiments. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Rocha, M. V. L. M. da. (2016). Observation and modelling of wave nonlinearities and infragravity waves in the nearshore. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Shmakova, N. (2016). Diverging and converging internal waves : a laboratory study of the internal tide. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Sumbekova, S. (2016). Concentration préférentielle de particules inertielles : la structure et la dynamique de clusters. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .
Triche, D. (2016). Numerical and experimental study of coupled mass and heat transfers in the absorber of an ammonia-water absorption chiller. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes, .