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Anne-Marie Van-Hirtum

Chargé de recherche
Téléphone : Na
Courriel : Anne-Marie.Van-Hirtum(A)
Courriel (bis) : Annemie.Van-Hirtum(A)
Bureau : G103
Équipe : EDT

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CNRS researcher

My main research interest comprises the study (modeling, experiment and simulation) of moderate Reynolds number flows and aero-acoustics.

These flows are crucial to many applications, either natural or industrial. Common biomedical examples are human speech sound production, physiological flows, etc.

Information or contact : see my webpage



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Bouvet, A., Amelot, A., Pelorson, X., Maeda, S., & Van Hirtum, A. (2019). External lighting and sensing photoglottography: Characterization and MSePGG algorithm. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 51, 318–327.
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Van Hirtum, A., Bouvet, A., & Pelorson, X. (2019). Quantifying the auto-oscillation complexity following water spraying with interest for phonation. Physical Review E, 100(4).
Van Hirtum, A., Bouvet, A., & Pelorson, X. (2019). Study of the influence of water spraying on an ongoing fluid-structure interaction: application to the role of vocal folds surface hydration in phonation. In 4th workshop on soft tissue modelling. Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Van Hirtum, A., Bouvet, A., Pelorson, X., & Tokuda, I. (2019). Physical study of the influence of left-right vocal folds angular asymmetry on phonation. In 11th MAVEBA Workshop (pp. 1–4). Proc. 11th MAVEBA Workshop. Firenze, Italy.


Blandin, R., Van Hirtum, A., Pelorson, X., & Laboissière, R. (2018). The effect on vowel directivity patterns of higher order propagation modes. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 432, 621–632.
Van Hirtum, A., Bouvet, A., & Pelorson, X. (2018). Pressure drop for adiabatic air-water flow through a time-varying constriction. Physics of Fluids, 30(10).