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Julian-Andres Quimbayo-Duarte

Téléphone : Na
Courriel : Julian-Andres.Quimbayo-Duarte(A)
Bureau : A210
Équipe : MEIGE

    PhD student (2015-2018)

    Dissertation : Numerical modelling of the wintertime boundary layer over complex terrain and application to air-quality.
    Numerical modelling and data post-processing of high air-pollution episodes in the Arve river valley during winter time. Emission inventory development in close collaboration with the air quality agency of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region (France) Atmo Aura.

    Current research projects

    • Atmospheric circulation in an Alpine valley under wintertime stable condition and impact on air quality : the site of Passy in Haute-Savoie (France) (collab. : C Staquet, LEGI ; JL Jaffrezo, LGGE, Grenoble ; JM Cohard, LTHE, Grenoble ; A. Paci, CNRM, Toulouse ; C. Chemel, Univ. Hertfordshire, UK).

    Recent publications

    • J Quimbayo-Duarte, C Staquet, C Chemel, G Arduini. (2018). Impact of along valley orographic variations on the dispersion of tracers in a stable atmosphere. Submitted Journal Atmosphere.
    • J Quimbayo-Duarte, C Staquet, C Chemel, G Arduini. (2018). Dispersion of passive tracers in the stably stratified atmosphere of a valley opening on a plane. Submitted Boundary-Layer Meteorology Journal.