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Mardi 15 Fevrier 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Gwennou Coupier, LiPhy

Title : Flow generation by buckling instability

Contact : Nathanael Machicoane

Abstract : Buckling of elastic structures is an effective way to produce rapid motion in a fluid at any scale. Encapsulated microbubbles, which are currently used as ultrasound contrast agents, can deform and collapse under an external load from an acoustic wave. They reinflate when the pressure decreases. The shape hysteresis associated with this deformation cycle makes this simple object a good candidate to become an ultrasound controlled micro-swimmer.

I will explore this possibility through experiments at macro and micro scales and numerical simulations. The coupling between the acoustic wave and the self-oscillation of the deformed shell leads to complex - sometimes chaotic - dynamics with direct consequences on the direction and efficiency of the swimming.