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Post-doc : Chemiluminescence of luminol subjected to hydrodynamic cavitation "on a chip"

A fundamental step towards wastewater treatment by green technologies

The preferred starting date is between 1st septembre 2018 and 1st november 2018 for a one year duration.

Qualifications of the applicant

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD with a strong background in experimental physico-chemistry and/or fluids mechanics and/or acoustics. A former experience in experimental cavitation (hydrodynamic or acoustic) should be a plus.

Location and practical aspects

The successful applicant will be hosted by the laboratory LEGI (Industrial & Geophysical Flow Laboratory) in collaboration with the LRP (Rheology & Process Laboratory). Both laboratories are located on the campus of the Grenoble Alpes University, France. He/she will work under the supervision of Pr F. AYELA (LEGI) in collaboration with Pr N. GONDREXON (LRP). The applicant will also take advantage of the micro- nanofabrication facilities present in Grenoble (Nanofab, C.N.R.S.)
The gross salary will be 2518 euros/months, equivalent to a net salary of 2037 euros/month.


Interested candidates should send their CV and cover letter to Pr F. AYELA, LEGI

Deadline for the application : 15th july 2018

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