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Group seminars

Informal seminars (20 min of presentation, usually Thursday at 12am) are organized in the team.

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- 2019/01/09 Thursday 12h00- Eletta Negretti -

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Mesure de Matière En Suspension (MES) dans la colonne d’eau par combinaison de méthodes acoustiques et optiques

24/11/2016 (11:00)
Guillaume Fromant
La mesure de Matières En Suspension (MES) est cruciale autant pour comprendre les transferts sédimentaires que pour les études des écosystèmes marins. Elles (...)

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Barostrat experiment : baroclinic wave tank in presence of salinity stratification

18/11/2016 (Friday 1pm)
Costanza Rodda
The differentially heated rotating annulus is a widely studied experimental apparatus for modelling large-scale features of the mid-latitude atmosphere. (...)

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Experimental study of a vortex generated at the edge of a channel with a step and a periodic flow

Cruz Daniel Garcia Molina New PhD student in MEIGE group
I’ll present an experimental analysis of an estuary-like system with a periodic forcing, mimicking the tide. We considered two (...)

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On particle stress modeling for two-phase flow simulations of Sheet-Flows

J. Chauchat, Z. Cheng and T.-J. Hsu
The open source two-phase sediment transport model sedFoam (Cheng and Hsu, 2014) is used to test different constitutive laws for the modeling of (...)

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On the energetics of a two-layer baroclinic flow

Thibault Jougla & David Dritschel
The formation, evolution and co-existence of jets and vortices in turbulent planetary atmospheres is examined using a two-layer (...)

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Dynamique des courants océaniques sur la Ride de Reykjanes : évaluation de simulations numériques.

Bien que la circulation Nord Atlantique soit relativement bien connue, la trajectoire des masses d’eau au voisinage de la ride de Reykjanes, sud de l’Islande, reste peu documentée. Cependant cette (...)

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Particle based modelling and simulation of natural sand dynamics in the wave bottom boundary layer

Sand transport and morphological change occur in the wave bottom boundary layer due to particle interactions with an oscillatory flow and granular interactions between particles. Although these (...)

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Spatially developing gravity currents

Dans l’environnement, les courants de gravité sont des processus clés créés lorsque que des différences de densité apparaissent dans le fluide. Ces courants jouent un rôle majeur dans la circulation (...)

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Internal Tide Interactions with the Ocean Pycnocline

Tidal forcing from the Sun and Moon generates 3.7 terawatts (TWs) of mechanical power, of which 3.5 TWs are dissipated in the ocean. It has become understood how energy is transferred into the (...)

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Analyzes of temperature profiles from the tethered balloon

Air pollution is currently a very important subject, with the highest levels being encountered during wintertime anticyclonic regimes. This is all the more true in mountaineous regions, where the (...)

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