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PhD proposal : Clustering and settling dynamics of inertial particles under turbulence


3 years, starting 2017.


LEGI at Grenoble, France & University of Washington at Seattle, USA.

Candidate profile:

Engineering or physics background with strong formation in fluid mechanics. Interest in experimentation measuring techniques and modelling. Experience using Matlab and/or Python is recommended.


At LEGI: Martin Obligado, Martin.Obligado(A), tel.: +(33) 4 76 82 50 46; Alain Cartellier, Alain.Cartellier(A) tel.: +(33) 4 76 82 50 48.
At University of Washington: Alberto Aliseda, aaliseda(A), tel.: +(1) 206-543-4910.

Applications received until 10/07/2017. For applying send an academic CV to M. Obligado and/or A. Cartellier.

Detailed proposal