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The Laboratoire des Ecoulements Géophysiques et Industriels (LEGI) is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 5519) of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (Grenoble INP) and the University Grenoble-Alpes (UGA)). LEGI carries out a wide range of research activities with a common ground: fluid mechanics and related transport phenomena.

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Associate Professor Grenoble-INP
Grenoble-INP is hiring an Associate professor in section CNU 60 on the theme of Free Surface Hydraulics. Recruitment date : 01/09/2022.

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27 October 2022

Mardi 29 Novembre 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Rodney O. Fox, Iowa State University

Role of the Particle-Fluid-Particle Pressure Tensor in Gas-Liquid and Liquid-Solid Flows
Particle-particle interactions play a crucial role in the fluid dynamics of gas-liquid and liquid-solid (...)

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21 October 2022

Mardi 13 Decembre 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Wouter Bos, LMFA

Turbulence in and out of equilibrium
Kolmogorov postulated in 1941 that the small scales of turbulent flows away from boundaries can be considered universal if the Reynolds number is (...)

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10 October 2022

Mardi 08 Novembre 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Jesse Capecelatro, University of Michigan

Turbulent disperse two-phase flows: simulations and data-driven modeling
Many natural and industrial processes involve the flow of solid particles or liquid droplets whose dynamical evolution (...)

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27 September 2022

Mardi 22 Novembre 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Aurore Naso, LMFA

The role of fluid inertia on the orientation of settling anisotropic particles - Application to cloud microphysics
Understanding the angular dynamics of non-spherical particles in turbulent (...)

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8 September 2022

Mardi 04 Octobre 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Thomas Basset, LPENSL

Lagrangian investigation of particle dispersion in turbulence: inhomogeneous seeding and pair dispersion
The question of particle dispersion in turbulent flows is fundamental to understanding (...)

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Adaptation strategies to climate change during future heat waves: impact on air quality (...)

Sujet de thèse : étude expérimentale et numérique d’un oscillateur fluidique

Lorsqu’un écoulement présente une fréquence caractéristique sans présence d’un forçage, on parle (...)