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23 March 2016

Operation 31: Bubble implosion

Author: Ghigliotti Giovanni
In a high speed liquid flow, local pressure can vary. If the pressure drops below vapor pressure, the liquid vaporizes and a vapor bubble appears. This is called (...)

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16 February 2016

Operation 31: Thermodynamic control of cryogenic propellant tank

Author: Jean-Paul Thibault
Future operations in space exploration will require the ability to store cryogenic liquids (hydrogen and oxygen) for long duration. Residual heat loads due to sun or (...)

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17 November 2015

Operation 31 : Structure de la turbulence

Author: Nicolas Mordant
Nous menons des recherches à caractère fondamental sur les propriétés statistiques de deux types de turbulence:
la turbulence hydrodynamique d’une part avec notamment une (...)

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9 November 2015

Operation 31 : Hydrodynamic cavitation with ’labs on chip’

Author: Frédéric Ayela
Hydrodynamic cavitation ‘on chip’ deals with the reduction, at low scale, of the well-known macroscopic cavitation phenomena. However, cavitation through microdiaphragms and (...)

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30 September 2015

Operation 31: Numerical simulation of turbulent mixing

Author: Guillaume Balarac
Turbulent flows are characterized by a large range of scales of coherent vortices. This property allows to improve the mixing of a tracer (dye, pollutant, temperature…) (...)

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