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Mardi 23 Mai 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Jacques Magnaudet, IMFT

Flows and forces induced by the translation of a particle in a linearly stratified or rotating flow

Situations involving particles, drops or bubbles moving within a fluid subjected to non-conservative forcings are commonly encountered in geophysical flows. Nevertheless, the prediction, or even the simple estimate, of the hydrodynamic forces induced on these objects by such forcings is far from being a solved problem in most flow regimes of practical interest. I will present some recent results on this topic, based on numerical simulations addressing the case of spherical particles settling through a linear stratification or moving along the rotation axis of a large container. I will show how these simulations, combined with analyses of the dominant balances in the governing equations, allow to confirm or establish scaling laws for the forces experienced by the particles, and to specify their domains of validity.

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