I am a CNRS researcher at LEGI (Laboratoire des Ecoulements Geophysiques et Industriels, UMR 5519).

My main research interests concern fluid dynamics and turbulence, mainly applied to geophysical flows. In my work, a combination of lab experiments, numerical calculations, theoratical derivations and data analysis are used in order to investigate instabilities and turbulence in stratified and rotating fluids. Please, feel free to contact me for further information about my work.

zigzag instability in le Louvre?

News and posts

Tue 03 July 2018
Three FluidDyn articles submitted to JORS
Thu 08 March 2018
Python Science Data Grenoble launching day
Sun 28 January 2018
Présentation CoopCalcul LEGI open-source et FluidDyn
Thu 25 January 2018
Euhit 2 at Göttingen
Thu 07 December 2017
AGU Fall Meeting 2017 in New Orleans
Wed 29 November 2017
Workshop Traitement de Données pour la Mécanique des Fluides
Tue 07 November 2017
Formations Python à l'UGA et ailleurs
Mon 06 November 2017
Open-science, documentation, jupyter notebooks and readthedocs
Fri 27 October 2017
Proposition de stage sur Fluidimage au LEGI (CNRS, UGA, Grenoble)
Thu 19 October 2017
Proposition engineering project Ense3: Simulation wake of smooth topography with Coriofoam
Wed 18 October 2017
Conference IDFGA 2017
Fri 29 September 2017
Proposition internship simulation wave turbulence
Fri 29 September 2017
Proposition research project Ense3: Simulation evolution of a denser region with Coriofoam and Fluidsim
Fri 08 September 2017
Seminar at LMFA (Lyon)
Mon 31 July 2017
Milestone 2017
Fri 16 June 2017
Conference Pyparis
Tue 06 June 2017
Atelier fluide OSUG Visualisation et postprocessing
Mon 23 January 2017
Sondage Python au LEGI 2017
Tue 13 September 2016
FluidImage at Toulouse, CFTL 2016
Sun 31 July 2016
Milestone project
Thu 30 June 2016
A new carriage in the Coriolis platform
Thu 21 January 2016
Proposition de stage FluidImage
Tue 08 December 2015
Open access
Sat 05 December 2015
Presentation at "AlpesVIEW"
Tue 27 October 2015
Proposition of internship: experiments and simulations of stratified turbulence
Mon 12 October 2015
Presentation for Coop Expé at LEGI
Wed 30 September 2015
How to: make short demo movies
Tue 08 September 2015
Leverhulme workshop in Oxford
Wed 10 June 2015
How to: Make publication figures
Wed 06 May 2015
Prix de la fondation Del Duca
Mon 13 April 2015
Stratified turbulence forced with columnar dipoles (new JFM paper)
Tue 24 March 2015
Euromech colloquium 567
Tue 24 February 2015
How to: finite differences with Python
Wed 11 February 2015
Ateliers d'initiation Python au LEGI
Sat 24 January 2015
How to: call Fortran from Python