My research activities are focused on fine scale sediment transport processes that ranges from fundamental physical mechanisms such as particle-particle interactions or particle-turbulence interactions to applied research like scour around hydraulic structures. My goal is to improve our understanding of physical processes by using complementary laboratory experiments and fluid mechanistic modeling approaches to improve prediction capabilities of engineering models. In order to achieve this goal I collaborate with different high level national and international research institutions (University of Delaware, Penn State University, Karlshruhe Institute of Technology, University of Manchester, Aix-Marseille University, University of Rennes, IRSTEA Grenoble). We have very recently released an `open-source version of a new generation of sediment transport model `_ which aims at federating the research effort around this topic. In collaboration with ARTELIA GROUP (International engineering consulting company), we are working on the proof of concept that this new model can be used for engineering applications.


I am associate professor at ENSE3-GINP and researcher at LEGI (Laboratoire des Ecoulements Geophysiques et Industriels, UMR 5519).