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Archives 2008

On the role of physical modelling in atmospheric and oceanic forecast

We discuss how physical modelling can be used to reproduce atmospheric or oceanic flows in the laboratory. The similarity conditions for the effects of density stratification and Earth rotation (...)

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Laboratory observations of enhanced entrainment in dense overflows in the presence of sub-marine canyons and ridges

The continental slopes in the oceans are often covered by small-scale topographic features such as submarine canyons and ridges. When dense plumes, flowing geostrophically along the slope, (...)

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ANR PIWO: Physics of Internal Waves in the Ocean

Internal gravity waves propagate in density-stratified fluids owing to the restoring effect of buoyancy. They are ubiquitous in the ocean and their amplitude may be large enough for these waves (...)

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Is mixing a self-convolution process

Experimental results for the evolution of the probability distribution function (PDF) of a scalar mixed by a turbulent flow in a channel are presented. The sequence of PDF from an initial skewed (...)

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