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Archives 2007

Using data assimilation in laboratory experiments of geophysical flows

Data assimilation is used in numerical simulations of laboratory experiments in a stratified, rotating fluid. The experiments are performed on the large Coriolis turntable (Grenoble, France), (...)

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Quantitative laboratory observations of internal wave reflection on ascending slopes

Internal waves propagate obliquely through a stratified fluid with an angle that is fixed with respect to gravity. Upon reflection on a sloping bed, striking phenomena are expected to occur close (...)

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Experimental studies of rotating exchange flow

Ocean basins are connected by straits and passages, geometrically limiting important heat and salt exchanges which in turn influence the global thermohaline circulation and climate. Such exchange (...)

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A novel internal wave generator

We have designed a new kind of internal wave generator to produce a monochromatic and unidirectional beam. The idea is to create a boundary with wavy motion made by a set of plates which (...)

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