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Transition from deep to shallow water layer: formation of vortex dipoles

In this paper we study the transition from a deep to a shallow water layer and the formation of quasi-two-dimensional vortex dynamics. Vortices are experimentally generated by a circular (...)

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The structure and dynamics of dipolar vortices in a stratified fluid

The three-dimensional structure and decay of a dipolar vortex in a linearly stratified fluid is investigated experimentally using a high-resolution three-dimensional scanning correlation image (...)

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Decaying grid turbulence in a strongly stratified fluid

Grid turbulence experiments have been carried out in a stably stratified fluid at moderately large Reynolds numbers (160 based on the Taylor microscale). A scanning particle image velocimetry (...)

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Cyclone merging (movie)

The ’Laboratoire des écoulements géophysiques et industriels de Grenoble (LEGI) owns a unique equipment, the largest rotating platform for fluid mechanics in the world, 13 meters in diameter. This (...)

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Coriolis effects on wind jets and cloudiness along coasts.

Coastal meteorology is complex and of great practical importance. The UK has the world’s 14th longest coastline of over 12 000 km, with much of its population and many of its large cities (...)

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