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Séminaires internes

Des séminaires internes informels (20 min de présentation, habituellement jeudi à 13h) sont régulièrement organisés dans l’équipe.

Pour des infos ou demandes, envoyer un courriel à  : Rémi Chassagne  .

Prochains séminaires :

- 2023/01/09 Jeudi 13h00 - Thibault Leduque -

La liste plus complète des séminaires à venir et passés :

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SST Anomaly in the Mozambique Channel

03/05/2018 - Guoqing Han K118 12h15
Abstract The sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly in the Mozambique Channel is revealed by high resolution satellite remote sensing data . The data analysis (...)

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SedWaveFoam : A free surface resolving Eulerian two-phase model for wave-driven sediment transport

26/04/2018 - Yeulwoo Kim
Wave-driven sediment transport is one of the key drivers of beach morphodyanmics. However, a comprehensive understanding of that has not been achieved due to many (...)

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Modeling transport and mixing by internal gravity waves in the Southern Ocean

12/04/2018 - Garcìa Molina Cruz
Motivated by field measurements and numerical modeling of the interaction of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) with rough topography in the Southern Ocean (...)

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Micro-seismic monitoring of a shear deformation zone : a laboratory experiment

15/03/2018 - Cédric Lachaud (IGE)
The brittle deformation of ice has important environmental applications, mostly regarding to our understanding at the future evolution of ice sheet and sea ice. (...)

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Laboratory experiments on gravity currents interacting with an upsloping bottom

Maria Chiara De Falco - 22/02/2018
The propagation of gravity currents develops generally over complex boundaries in several natural fields. In particular, density currents can propagate up a (...)

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Linear stability analysis of particle-laden hypopycnal plumes

08/02/2018 - Jorge Hugo Silvestrini
Gravity-driven riverine outflows are responsible for carrying sediments to the coastal waters. The turbulent mixing in these flows is associated with shear (...)

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3D numerical simulations of flows over curved boundaries

02/02/2018 - Jérémie Dagaut Gravity currents have a key role in the oceanic and atmospheric circulation processes. They often occur on surfaces with complex topography. In the present study, (...)

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2D Numerical simulations of stratified turbulence

12/01/18 - Miguel Calpe-Linares
Most geophysical flows occur in density stratified environments such as oceans and atmosphere. Due to the vertical stratification, motions in the direction of (...)

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Undular bore dynamics in river-like channels

15/12/17 - Remi Chassagne
The formation and the dynamics of undular bores in open channel are investigated using a two dimensional depth integrated model containing dispersive terms. First the (...)

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Part II A fluctuation-dissipation relation for the ocean subject to turbulent atmospheric forcing

07/12/17 - Achim Wirth
We establish the fluctuation-dissipation relation for a turbulent fluid layer (ocean) subject to frictional forcing by a superposed lighter fluid layer (atmosphere), (...)

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