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Voici la liste de publications de l’équipe extraite de la base HAL (Hyper Articles onLine) du laboratoire. Il y a aussi un certain nombre de thèses soutenues dans l’équipe.

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Publications récentes

Les 20 dernières publications dans notre base de données :


Amorim, F. L. L., Le Meur, J., Wirth, A., & Cardin, V. (2024). Tipping of the double-diffusive regime in the southern Adriatic Pit in 2017 in connection with record high-salinity values. Ocean Science, 20(2), 463–474.
Fritsch, N., Fromant, G., Hurther, D., & Cáceres, I. (2024). Coarse Sand Transport Processes in the Ripple Vortex Regime Under Asymmetric Nearshore Waves. Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, 129(4), 2023.
Fromant, G., Thorne, P. D., & Hurther, D. (2024). An examination of point-particle Lagrangian simulations for assessing time-resolved hydroacoustic particle flux measurements in sediment-laden flows. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 155(4), 2817–2835.
Grossmann, F., Hurther, D., Sánchez-Arcilla, A., Padilla, E. M., & Alsina, J. M. (2024). Bar and berm dynamics during transition from dissipative to reflective beach profile. Coastal Engineering, 192, 104561.
Guta, H., Hurther, D., & Chauchat, J. (2024). Turbulent kinetic energy budget of sediment-laden open-channel flows: bedload-induced wall-roughness similarity. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 987.
Rastello, M., Marié, J. - L., & Venayagamoorthy, S. K. (2024). Initiation of motion for an isolated finite size particle in a rotating tank flow. Fluid Dynamics Research, 56(1).
Rétif, S., Negretti, M. E., & Wirth, A. (2024). Predicting the vertical density structure of oceanic gravity current intrusions. Scientific Reports, 14(1), 10274.
Shi, H., Negretti, M. E., Chauchat, J., Blanckaert, K., Lemmin, U., & Barry, D. A. (2024). Tracking the Nearfield Evolution of an Initially Shallow, Neutrally Buoyant Plane Jet Over a Sloping Bottom Boundary. Water Resources Research, 60(4), 2023.
Tassigny, A., Negretti, M. E., & Wirth, A. (2024). Dynamics of intrusion in downslope gravity currents in a rotating frame. Physical Review Fluids, 9(7), 074605.
Voisin, B. (2024). Added mass of oscillating bodies in stratified fluids. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 987, 27.
Voisin, B. (2024). Buoyancy oscillations. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 984, 29.


Chassagne, R., Bonamy, C., & Chauchat, J. (2023). A frictional–collisional model for bedload transport based on kinetic theory of granular flows: discrete and continuum approaches. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 964, 27.
Flora, S., Ursella, L., & Wirth, A. (2023). Superstatistical analysis of sea surface currents in the Gulf of Trieste, measured by HF Radar, and its relation to wind regimes, using the maximum entropy principle. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, .
Gadal, C., Mercier, M. J., Rastello, M., & Lacaze, L. (2023). Slumping regime in lock-release turbidity currents. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 974, 4.
Grossmann, F., Hurther, D., Sánchez-Arcilla, A., & Alsina, J. (2023). Influence of the Initial Beach Profile on the Sediment Transport Processes During Post-Storm Onshore Bar Migration. Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, 128(4).
Grossmann, F., Hurther, D., Van Der Zanden, J., Sánchez-Arcilla, A., & Alsina, J. M. (2023). Near-Bed Sediment Transport Processes During Onshore Bar Migration in Large-Scale Experiments: Comparison With Offshore Bar Migration. Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, 128(3), 2022.
Keetels, G., Chauchat, J., & Breugem, W. - P. (2023). Role of turbulent kinetic energy modulation by particle–fluid interaction in sediment pick-up. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 955, 37.
Khoubani, A., Mohanan, A. V., Augier, P., & Flór, J. - B. (2023). Vertical convection regimes in a rectangular cavity: Prandtl and aspect ratio dependance.
Labarre, V., Augier, P., Krstulovic, G., & Nazarenko, S. (2023). Internal gravity waves in stratified flows with and without vortical modes.
Mohanan, A. V., Khoubani, A., & Augier, P. (2023). Snek5000: a new Python framework for Nek5000. Journal of Open Source Software, 8(88), 5586.

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