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David Hurther

David Hurther

Directeur de recherche
Téléphone :+33454119764 otherwise
 04.76 strange 9407 number.
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Courriel : David.Hurther or 966073719 no-reply(A) and
Bureau :Piole138.
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Équipe : MEIGE

Physics of sediment transport in coastal nearshore and river flows

Cross-shore sediment transport during storms and hurricanes may control the long-term coastal erosion and shoreline recession with dramatic irreversible consequences on our natural and urbanized nearshore environment. To assess the impact of such climatic extreme events on coastal and river erosion, reliable sediment transport models are urgently needed to improve our quantitative prediction ability of the shoreline evolution.

In this context, I am studying the physics of sediment transport under the action of coastal waves and currents by combining theoretical flow concepts and models with process oriented experiments conducted in large-scale hydrodynamic facilities at LEGI (wave flume and open-channel) and of the european Hydralab consortium (UPC-CIEM wave flume, U. Hannover-GWK wave flume, U-tube at DELTARES).

Bottom Boundary Layer flow & sediment transport processes
- Turbulence in mobile sediment bed flows (bed friction & wave breaking processes)
- Turbulence-particle interactions (suspension & bedload processes)
- Turbulence-Bedform interactions (dune & ripple migration processes)

The lack of High-Resolution flow instrumentation adapted to the investigation of Bottom Boundary Layer sediment transport processes is at the origin of my complementary research activity on :

Advanced acoustic flow instrumentation
- Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler (ADVP technology)
- Multi-frequency Acoustic Backscattering Systems (ABS technology)
- Acoustic Concentration & Velocity Profiler (ACVP technology)

These research activities are conducted with the technical support of the Instrumentation and Experiment Support services of LEGI within national (SANTOSS, SINBAD, ECORS, INSU) and european research projects (Hydralab III & IV) with the following partners :

- IRSTEA, France (J. Le Coz, A. Paquier)
- IMFT, France (O. Eiff, F. Moulin)
- U. Twente, The Netherlands (J.S. Ribberink, S. Hulscher)
- U. of Aberdeen, UK (T. O’Donoghue, D. van der A)
- National Oceanography Center, NERC, United Kingdom (P.D. Thorne)
- U. Polytecnica de Catalunya, Spain (A. Sanchez-Arcilla, I. Caceres)
- U. of Dalhousie, Canada (A. Hay)
- Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland (U. Lemmin)
- Aviolat Electronics, Switzerland (P. Aviolat)

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)



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