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Pierre Augier

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My main research interests concern fluid dynamics and turbulence, mainly applied to geophysical flows. In my work, a combination of lab experiments, numerical calculations, theoratical derivations and data analysis are used in order to investigate instabilities and turbulence in stratified and rotating fluids.



Khoubani, A., Mohanan, A. V., Augier, P., & Flór, J. - B. (2023). Vertical convection regimes in a rectangular cavity: Prandtl and aspect ratio dependance.
Labarre, V., Augier, P., Krstulovic, G., & Nazarenko, S. (2023). Internal gravity waves in stratified flows with and without vortical modes.
Mohanan, A. V., Khoubani, A., & Augier, P. (2023). Snek5000: a new Python framework for Nek5000. Journal of Open Source Software, 8(88), 5586.


Bonamy, C., Chauchat, J., Augier, P., Mathieu, A., Clémençot, Q., Chassagne, R., et al. (2022). fluidfoam.
Reneuve, J., Savaro, C., Davis, G., Rodda, C., Mordant, N., & Augier, P. (2022). Numerical study of experimentally inspired stratified turbulence forced by waves.
Rodda, C., Savaro, C., Davis, G., Reneuve, J., Augier, P., Sommeria, J., et al. (2022). Experimental observations of internal wave turbulence transition in a stratified fluid. Physical Review Fluids, 7(9), 094802.


Augier, P., Bolz-Tereick, C. F., Guelton, S., & Mohanan, A. V. (2021). Reducing the ecological impact of computing through education and Python compilers. Nature Astronomy, 5(4), 334–335.


Savaro, C., Campagne, A., Linares, M. C., Augier, P., Sommeria, J., Valran, T., et al. (2020). Generation of weakly nonlinear turbulence of internal gravity waves in the Coriolis facility. Physical Review Fluids, 5(7).


Augier, P., Mohanan, A. V., & Bonamy, C. (2019). FluidDyn: A Python Open-Source Framework for Research and Teaching in Fluid Dynamics by Simulations, Experiments and Data Processing. Journal of Open Research Software, 7.
Augier, P., Mohanan, A. V., & Lindborg, E. (2019). Shallow water wave turbulence. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 874, 1169–1196.
Mohanan, A. V., Bonamy, C., & Augier, P. (2019). FluidFFT: Common API (C++ and Python) for Fast Fourier Transform HPC Libraries. Journal of Open Research Software, 7.
Mohanan, A. V., Bonamy, C., Calpe Linares, M., & Augier, P. (2019). FluidSim: Modular, Object-Oriented Python Package for High-Performance CFD Simulations. Journal of Open Research Software, 7.


Read, P. L., Tabataba-Vakili, F., Wang, Y., Augier, P., Lindborg, E., Valeanu, A., et al. (2018). Comparative terrestrial atmospheric circulation regimes in simplified global circulation models. Part II: Energy budgets and spectral transfers. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 144, 2558–2576.


Augier, P., Bonamy, C., Campagne, A., & Mohanan, A. V. (2016). FluidImage, a libre framework for scientific treatments of large sets of images.
Campagne, A., Alfredsson, H., Chassagne, R., Micard, D., Mordant, N., Segalini, A., et al. (2016). First report of the MILESTONE experiment: strongly stratified turbulence and mixing efficiency in the Coriolis platform. In VIIIth International Symposium on Stratified Flows (ISSF). San Diego, United States.
Leclercq, C. B., Partridge, J. R., Augier, P., Dalziel, S. R., & Kerswell, R. R. (2016). Using stratification to mitigate end effects in quasi-Keplerian Taylor-Couette flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 791, 608–630.


Augier, P., Billant, P., & Chomaz, J. - M. (2015). Stratified turbulence forced with columnar dipoles: numerical study. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 769(avril), 403–443.


Augier, P., Billant, P., Negretti, M. - E., & Chomaz, J. - M. (2014). Experimental study of stratified turbulence forced with columnar dipoles. Physics of Fluids, 26(4), 046603.
Deusebio, E., Augier, P., & Lindborg, E. (2014). Third-order structure functions in rotating and stratified turbulence: a comparison between numerical, analytical and observational results. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 755, 294–313.


Augier, P., & Lindborg, E. (2013). A New Formulation of the Spectral Energy Budget of the Atmosphere, with Application to Two High-Resolution General Circulation Models. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 70(7), 2293–2308.


Bourgoin, M., Volk, R., Plihon, N., Augier, P., Odier, P., & Pinton, J. - F. (2006). An experimental Bullard-von Kármán dynamo. New Journal of Physics, 8, 329.
Bourgoin, M., Volk, R., Plihon, N., Augier, P., Odier, P., & Pinton, J. - F. (2006). Dynamo Bullard von-Karman expérimentales. In GDR Dynamo. NICE, France.

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