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A laboratory study of low-mode internal tide scattering by supercritical topography

T. Peacock , M. J. Mercier , H. Didelle , S. Viboud , T. Dauxois, Physics of Fluids 21, 121702 (2009)

We present the first laboratory experimental results concerning the scattering of a low-mode internal tide by finite-amplitude Gaussian topography. Experiments performed at the Coriolis Platform in Grenoble used a recently conceived internal wave generator as a means of producing a high-quality mode-1 wave field. The evolution of the wave field in the absence and presence of a Gaussian was studied by performing spatiotemporal modal decompositions of velocity field data obtained using particle image velocimetry. The results support the belief that finite-amplitude topography produces significant reflection of the internal tide and transfer of energy from low to high modes. ©2009 American Institute of Physics