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Mardi 14 octobre 2014 à 11h15 en salle A103

Lyazid Djenidi, Université de Newcastle, Australie

Titre/Title : The lattice Boltzmann method : Applications to Turbulence and Micromixing

Contact : Sedat Tardu (EDT)

Résumé/Abstract :
Since the work of Kim et al. (1987), Spalart (1988), direct numerical
simulation (DNS) has become an effective tool for studying turbulent
flows. In particular, DNS has greatly helped shedding some light in some
fundamental aspects of turbulence. While DNSs of turbulent flows are still
largely carried out by solving the Navier-Stokes equations, a relatively
new numerical approach is gaining momentum. The method, the lattice Boltzmman method (hereafter denoted LBM), started to be considered as a serious
numerical tool after Frisch et al (1986)} showed that Navier-Stokes
equations can be recovered from the lattice gas automata (LGA) that
predated the LBM. Since then, the LBM proved to be as effective as the
Navier-Stokes solvers (based either on spectral methods or finite
differences). In this seminar, the LBM will be briefly exposed and its
application to a few problems in turbulence and micromixing presented.

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