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Vendredi 12 octobre 2012 à 10h30, salle A103

Maria Vittoria SALVETTI, professeur Université de Pise

Titre/Title :
An implicit low-diffusive HLL scheme : application to the simulation of the flow in a turbopump inducer in cavitating conditions.

Contact :
Eric Goncalves.

Résumé/Abstract :
A numerical methodology for the simulation of cavitating flows in realistic complex geometries is presented. A homogeneous-flow cavitation model, hich leads to a barotropic state law is adopted. The continuity and momentum equations are discretized through a mixed finite-element/finite-volume approach, applicable to unstructured grids. A robust preconditioned low-diffusive HLL scheme is used to deal with all speed barotropic flows. Second-order accuracy in space is obtained through MUSCL reconstruction. Time advancing is carried out by a second-order implicit linearized formulation together with the Defect Correction technique. Applications to the simulation of the flow in a real 3D inducer for rocket turbopumps are presented.