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A two-phase model for sediment transport in sheet flow regime

Thibaud Rrevil-Baudard, 21/06/2012

A two-phase model having a μ(I) rheology for the intergranular stresses and
a mixing length approach for the turbulent stresses is proposed to describe the sheet flow
regime of sediment transport. In the model two layers are considered, a dilute suspen-
sion layer and a dense sediment bed layer. The concentration profile is obtained from
the φ(I) phenomenological law in the sediment bed layer and from a Rouse profile in
the suspension layer. The comparison of velocity and concentration profiles and macro-
scopic parameters (sediment flux, thickness and roughness) with experimental data shows
a good agreement. These comparisons demonstrate the relevancy of the μ(I)/φ(I) ap-
proach for bed-load transport and to describe the transition from the static bed to the
suspension. The different behaviours observed in experiments between massive and light
particles is predicted by the model. The proposed model is shown to be mostly relevant
for sheet flow of massive particles.