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Searching for Goertler rolls in a gravity flow : some preliminary tests

Eletta Negretti, 29/03/2012

Gravity flows are ubiquitous in several geophysical and industrail contexts and play an important role in turbulent kinetic energy transfer, as well as in turbulent transport and mixing with important consequences for climate modeling and pollution remediation. The behaviour of density currents at sudden channel slope changes and ambient stratification have been not investigated in detail yet. Whereas most previous studies concentrated on flows over flat or uniform sloping bottom, this project focuses on shallow gravity currents resulting from dense inflows to unstratified or stratified reservoirs over complex topography. In particular, in this talk I will discuss preliminary tests which has been performed to check the possibility of onset of the Goertler instability in a gravity flow, which has been found recently in numerical simulations of Brun (Brun et al, ISARS Symposium, June 2010) and revealed to play an important role for the vertical mixing and transport. The oncoming working plan will be also presented.