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Jeudi 29 mars 2012 à 11h salle A103

Markus UHLMANN, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Titre/Title :
Sedimentation problems involving many spherical particles and wake effects.

Contact :
Mickael Bourgoin.

Résumé/Abstract :
The interaction between turbulent flow and suspended solid particles
is of relevance in a considerable number of technical applications
(e.g. civil and chemical engineering, combustion) as well as natural
processes (meteorology, blood flow, ...). Reliable flow data is, however,
still scarce due in part to measurement difficulties in these
multi-phase flow systems.

Traditionally, suspended particles have been described
computationally (at best) by a point-particle approximation.
However, when the size of the particles is comparable to or larger
than the smallest flow scales, this ansatz loses its validity.
The same is true when the Reynolds number of the flow around
individual particles is not negligibly small. We are performing
numerical simulations for finite particle sizes, where the
computational particles are larger than the grid and their interface
is resolved. For this purpose we resort to an immersed-boundary
technique which allows for an efficient representation of solid bodies
in arbitrary motion across a fixed computational mesh.

In this talk the need for rigorous validation and benchmarking will be
stressed. Results for vertical channel flow seeded with heavy
particles as well as sedimentation in a triply-periodic box will be