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Workshop : Wave turbulence - Les Houches, March 25-30th, 2012

Wave turbulence studies aim at describing the dynamical and statistical
properties of a large ensemble of waves in non linear interaction. The
wave turbulence phenomenon may occur in all fields of Physics concerned
with waves : oceanic and atmospheric dynamics (surface waves, internal
gravity waves, Rossby waves), optics (propagation in non linear media,
optical fibers), superfluid turbulence (Kelvin waves of quantized
vortices), elastic waves, confined plasmas (drift waves in tokamaks) or
astrophysical plasmas (Alfven waves in solar winds)... The Weak Turbulence
Theory of weakly non linear waves was initiated in the 1960’s and further
developed since. Nevertheless, controlled experiments specifically
designed to study wave turbulence and in particular to test the Weak
Turbulence Theory are relatively scarce despite the experimental efforts
of the last decade. The goal of this school is to gather physicists
concerned with wave turbulence with various backgrounds (theory,
experiments, numerical simulations, observations) in order to stimulate
interactions between communities of non linear physics (fluid mechanics,
optics, plasmas...), statistical physics, astrophysics, oceanography or
applied mathematics.

More information is available at :

The registration is now open for our workshop on Wave turbulence in Les Houches (see scope and program below). Notice that the maximum attendance is 70 persons including the speakers so that it is strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible at the following page :

Please do not hesitate to forward the information to any of your colleagues or students who could be interested by the topic.

We look forward to seeing you in Les Houches.

The organizers :
E. Falcon (Paris), N. Mordant (Grenoble), S. Randoux (Lille), P. Suret (Lille)

Contact :

 Nicolas Mordant
Professeur à l’Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble
Membre junior de l’Institut Universitaire de France

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