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Lundi 05 mars 2012 à 11h, salle B111, Berges

Stefan LLEWELLYN SMITH, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCSD

Titre/Title :
Hollow Vortices

Contact :
Bruno Voisin

Résumé/Abstract :
Hollow vortices are vortices whose interior is at rest. They posses vortex sheets on their boundaries and can be viewed as a desingularization of point vortices. We give a brief history of point vortices. We then obtain exact solutions for hollow vortices in linear and nonlinear strain and examine the properties of streets of hollow vortices. The former can be viewed as a canonical example of a hollow vortex in an arbitrary flow, and its stability properties depend. In the latter case, we reexamine the hollow vortex street of Baker, Saffman and Sheffield and examine its stability to arbitrary disturbances, and then investigate the double hollow vortex street. Implications and extensions of this work are discussed.