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Publications 2017


Hsu, T. - J., Kim, Y., Cheng, Z., & Chauchat, J. (2017). An Eulerian two-phase flow model for sediment transport under realistic surface waves.
Nagel, T., Chauchat, J., Bonamy, C., Liu, X., Cheng, Z., & Hsu, T. - J. (2017). Two-phase flow simulation of scour around a cylindrical pile.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Arduini, G., Chemel, C., & Staquet, C. (2017). Energetics of Deep Alpine Valleys in Pooling and Draining Configurations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 74(7), 2105–2124.
Aubourg, Q., Campagne, A., Peureux, C., Ardhuin, F., Sommeria, J., Viboud, S., et al. (2017). Three-wave and four-wave interactions in gravity wave turbulence. Physical Review Fluids, 2(11).
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Chauchat, J., Cheng, Z., Nagel, T., Bonamy, C., & Hsu, T. - J. (2017). SedFoam-2.0: a 3-D two-phase flow numerical model for sediment transport. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, 10(12), 4367–4392.
Cuthbertson, A., Laanearu, J., Carr, M., Sommeria, J., & Viboud, S. (2017). Blockage of saline intrusions in restricted, two-layer exchange flows across a submerged sill obstruction. Environmental Fluid Mechanics, .
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Van Der Zanden, J., Van Der A, D. A., Hurther, D., Cáceres, I., O’donoghue, T., Hulscher, S. J. M. H., et al. (2017). Bedload and suspended load contributions to breaker bar morphodynamics. Coastal Engineering, 129, 74–92.
Van Der Zanden, J., Van Der A, D. A., Hurther, D., Cáceres, I., O’donoghue, T., & Ribberink, J. S. (2017). Suspended sediment transport around a large-scale laboratory breaker bar. Coastal Engineering, 125, 51–69.
Venaille, A., Gostiaux, L., & Sommeria, J. (2017). A statistical mechanics approach to mixing in stratified fluids. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 810, 554–583.

Conference Proceedings

Ajayi, A. - O., Sommeria, J., Raja, K. J., Staquet, C., Viboud, S., & Voisin, B. (2017). A laboratory analogue of current-topography interaction in the Southern Ocean. In EGU General Assembly 2017. Vienna, Austria.
Bonamy, C., Chauchat, J., Cheng, Z., Nagel, T., & Hsu, T. - J. (2017). sedFoam, a OpenFOAM solver for sediment transport. In 12th OpenFoam Workshop. Exeter, United Kingdom.
Chauchat, J., Bonamy, C., Nagel, T., Mathieu, A., Cheng, Z., Liu, X., et al. (2017). New perspectives on particle-laden flows in complex geometries using the turbulence-averaged Eulerian two-phase flow model. In IUTAM/ AMERIMECH SYMPOSIUM on Dynamics of Gravity Currents. SANTA BARBARA, CA, United States.
Chauchat, J., Cheng, Z., Nagel, T., Bonamy, C., Mathieu, A., & Hsu, T. - J. (2017). sedFoam: an open-source multi-dimensional two-phase flow model for sediment transport applications. In Euromech Colloquium 588 Coupling Mechanisms and Multi-Scaling in Granular-Fluid Flows. TOULOUSE, France.
Cortet, P. - P., Machicoane, N., Labarre, V., & Voisin, B. (2017). Wake of inertial waves produced by a cylinder in horizontal translation. In CNRS Workshop “Interdisciplinary Geo-Astro Fluid Dynamics”. Paris, France.
Hsu, T. - J., Cheng, Z., & Chauchat, J. (2017). Understanding sediment transport using an Eulerian two-phase model with large-eddy simulation methodology. In IUTAM/ AMERIMECH SYMPOSIUM on Dynamics of Gravity Currents. SANTA BARBARA, CA, United States.
Kaiser, F., Von Der Burg, M., Viboud, S., Sommeria, J., Rival, D. E., & Kriegseis, J. (2017). High Reynolds Number Measurements of Vorticity Generation and Annihilation with Rapidly Changing Boundary Conditions. In 12th International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetery (ISPIV2017). Busan, South Korea.
Michallet, H., Barthélemy, E., Lammens, A., Marin, G., & Vaudelin, G. (2017). Bed motion under waves: plug and sheet flow observations. In Coastal Dynamics 2017 (pp. 986–995). Helsingør, Denmark.
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Voisin, B. (2017). Internal wave focusing by a slender ring. In CNRS Workshop “Interdisciplinary Geo-Astro Fluid Dynamics”. Paris, France.
Von Der Burg, M., Kaiser, F., Gatti, D., Schmidt, B., Sommeria, J., Viboud, S., et al. (2017). Boundary Layer Characterization during Impulsive Spin-up and Spin-down Motions of High-Reynolds Number Rotating Flow. In Fachtagung Experimentelle Strömungsmechanik. Karlsruhe, Germany.

Ph.D. Theses

Arduini, G. (2017). Wintertime Stable Boundary-Layer Processes in Alpine Valleys. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes ; University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield (GB)), .


Larroudé, P. (2017). De l’espace au littoral.