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Mardi 4 janvier 2011 à 11h00 salle A103 (LEGI)

André Bontemps - Professeur à l’université Joseph Fourier - LEGI-Greth

Titre/Title :
Stockage d’énergie à l’aide de Matériaux à Changement de Phase (MCP). Application au bâtiment.

Contact :
Florence Joussellin

Résumé/Abstract :
In this talk is presented a general overview of studies which aim at developing new components to be used in buildings to improve energy savings without decreasing human thermal comfort. The first way to find routes to save energy was to employ Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in several parts of a building to manage solar or internal incomes. The first task was to find PCMs adapted to this application together with specific packaging to avoid leaks. The second task was to realize and to test building components. Finally, modelling and numerical simulation have been carried out to analyse the experimental results. The numerical model validated here is considered as an optimisation tool for the design of next PCM hosting structures.
Coupling these components to indoor atmosphere or to HVAC systems is currently in progress.
The second way was to develop PV systems to produce electricity and PCM were used to maintain PV modules at a minimum temperature level to avoid deterioration of the module efficiency.