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Mardi 14 septembre 2010 à 11:00 - salle A103

Uriel Frisch (Observatoire de la Cote d’Azur, Nice)

Titre/Title :
"Extended Self Similarity works for the Burgers equation and why"

Contact :
Achim Wirth

Résumé/Abstract :
Extended Self-Similarity (ESS), a procedure that remarkably extends
the range of scaling for structure functions in Navier—Stokes
turbulence and thus allows improved determination of intermittency
exponents, has never been fully explained. We show that ESS applies to
Burgers turbulence at high Reynolds numbers and we give the
theoretical explanation of the numerically observed improved scaling
at both the infrared and ultraviolet end, in total a gain of about
three quarters of a decade : there is a reduction of subdominant
contributions to scaling when going from the standard structure
function representation to the ESS representation. We conjecture that
a similar situation holds for three-dimensional incompressible
turbulence and suggest ways of capturing subdominant contributions to

Based on a paper by S. Chakraborty, U. Frisch and S.S. Ray
J. Fluid Mech. vol. 649, pp. 275-285 (2010)

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