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Dernières publications

Voici une liste de publications du laboratoire extraites de HAL (Hyper Articles en Ligne). Il y a aussi un certain nombre de thèses soutenues au laboratoire que l’on retrouve sur le site TEL (Thèses En Ligne).

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Dernières publications

Les dernières publications de notre base de données :


Khan, A. H., Ruiz Hussmann, K., Powalla, D., Hoerner, S., Kruusmaa, M., & Tuhtan, J. A. (2022). An open 3D CFD model for the investigation of flow environments experienced by freshwater fish. Ecological Informatics, 69, 101652.
Abbaszadeh, S., Leidhold, R., & Hoerner, S. (2022). A Design Concept and Kinematic Model for a Soft Aquatic Robot with Complex Bio-mimicking Motion. Journal of Bionic Engineering, 19(1), 16–28.
Shingala, A., Cleynen, O., Jain, A., Hoerner, S., & Thévenin, D. (2022). Genetic Optimisation of a Free-Stream Water Wheel Using 2D Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations Points towards Design with Fully Immersed Blades. Energies, 15(10), 3723.
Cleynen, O., Powalla, D., Hoerner, S., & Thévenin, D. (2022). An Efficient Method for Computing the Power Potential of Bypass Hydropower Installations. Energies, 15(9), 3228.
Shafiei, H., Soloy, A., Turki, I., Simard, M., Lecoq, N., & Laignel, B. B. (2022). Numerical investigation of the effects of distributary bathymetry and roughness on tidal hydrodynamics of Wax Lake region under calm conditions. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 265.
Balarac, G., Basile, F., Bénard, P., Bordeu, F., Chapelier, J. - B., Cirrottola, L., et al. (2022). Tetrahedral Remeshing in the Context of Large-Scale Numerical Simulation and High Performance Computing. MathematicS In Action, 11(1), 129–164.
Febvre, Q., Fablet, R., Le Sommer, J., & Ubelmann, C. (2022). Joint Calibration and Mapping of Satellite Altimetry Data Using Trainable Variational Models. In ICASSP 2022: IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. Singapore, Singapore.
Neunaber, I., Peinke, J., & Obligado, M. (2022). Application of the Townsend–George theory for free shear flows to single and double wind turbine wakes – a wind tunnel study. Wind Energy Science, 7(1), 201–219.
Orvain, F., Huguet, A., Morelle, J., Thouvenin, B., Parlanti, E., Maire, O., et al. (2022). Projet Seine-Aval 6 PHARESEE “ Productivité microphytobenthique des HAbitats intertidaux en lien avec la dynamique sédimentaire, biogéochimique et les ingénieurs d’écosystème de la faune benthique : implication pour des enjeux de modélisation et de REhabilitation des vasières de la SEine Estuarienne ”. GIP Seine-Aval.
Frezat, H. (2022). Learning sub-grid dynamics in idealized turbulent systems. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes [2020-....], .


Bacer, S., Sullivan, S. C., Sourdeval, O., Tost, H., Lelieveld, J., & Pozzer, A. (2021). Cold cloud microphysical process rates in a global chemistry-climate model. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21, 1485–1505.
Pertant, S., Bernard, M., Ghigliotti, G., & Balarac, G. (2021). A finite-volume method for simulating contact lines on unstructured meshes in a conservative level-set framework. Journal of Computational Physics, 444, 110582.
Santoso, S., Lagaert, J. - B., Balarac, G., & Cottet, G. - H. (2021). An hybrid particle-grid method for the study of differential diffusion. Computers and Fluids, 227, 105018.
Lagauzere, M., Davis, G., & Mordant, N. (2021). Étude de l’impact de la taille finie des plaques sur la cascade d’énergie dans les ondes de flexion.
Dias De Véras Sousa, P. H. (2021). Application of Artificial Neural Networks to the study of hydraulic turbine draft tubes. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes [2020-....], .
Le Bouëdec, E. (2021). Wintertime characteristic atmospheric circulation in the Grenoble basin and impact on air pollution. Ph.D. thesis, Université Grenoble Alpes [2020-....], .
Wirth, A., & Lemarié, F. (2021). Jarzynski equality and Crooks relation for local models of air-sea interaction. Earth System Dynamics, 12(2), 689–708.
Paquier, A. - É., Oudart, T., Le Bouteiller, C., Meulé, S., Larroudé, P., & Dalrymple, R. (2021). 3D numerical simulation of seagrass movement under waves and currents with GPUSPH. International Journal of Sediment Research, 36(6), 711–722.
Turki, I., Le Bot, S., Lecoq, N., Shafiei, H., Michel, C., Deloffre, J., et al. (2021). Morphodynamics of intertidal dune field in a mixed wave-tide environment: Case of Baie de Somme in Eastern English Channel. Marine Geology, 431, 106381.
Martins, K., Bonneton, P., & Michallet, H. (2021). Dispersive characteristics of non-linear waves propagating and breaking over a mildly sloping laboratory beach. Coastal Engineering, 167, 103917.
Wirth, A. (2021). Determining the dependence of the power supply to the ocean on the length and time scales of the dynamics between the meso-scale and the synoptic scale, from satellite data. Ocean Dynamics, .
Thorne, P., Lichtman, I., & Hurther, D. (2021). Acoustic scattering characteristics and inversions for suspended concentration and particle size above mixed sand and mud beds. Continental Shelf Research, 214, 104320.
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Moreau, G. P. A., & De-Marchi, O. (2021). Huit années de réseaux FTTO au LEGI (R. A. I. S. I. N.:. R. A. des I. S. INter-établissement, Ed.). Resinfo / Cnrs.
Alonzo, M., Lefebvre, A., Huang, Z., Gluck, S., & Cartellier, A. (2021). Monofiber optical probe using Doppler signals detection for Drop Size and Velocity measurement in air assisted atomization. In International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems. Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
Huck, P. D., Osuna-Orozco, R., Machicoane, N., & Aliseda, A. (2021). Effects of Acoustic Actuation on a Multi-Phase Jet. In 15th Triennial International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems. Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
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Lefebvre, A., Mezui, Y., Obligado, M., Gluck, S., & Cartellier, A. (2021). A new, optimized Doppler optical probe for phase detection, bubble velocity and size measurements: investigation of a bubble column operated in the heterogeneous regime.
Hoerner, S., Kösters, I., Vignal, L., Cleynen, O., Abbaszadeh, S., Maître, T., et al. (2021). Cross-Flow Tidal Turbines with Highly Flexible Blades – Experimental Flow Field Investigations at Strong Fluid–Structure Interactions. Energies, 14(4), 797.
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