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Mardi 30 Avril 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

John Jerome, LMFA

Inertial effects vs lubrication limit : Bubble rise and Liquid drag-out

A single bubble rise in a Hele-Shaw cell and the so-called Landau-Levich drag-out flow are two canonical problems in Stokes regime wherein a depth-averaged formulation is often sufficient. In my talk, I will present a phenomenological approach to depict some manifestations of liquid inertia in these situations. Firstly, I shall describe bubble rise dynamics in both Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids using a balance between buoyancy-induced power and dissipation rate. Secondly, I will show experiments on the liquid entrainment phenomena by a rotating wheel. Here, inertia not only increases the film flow entrained over the wheel rim but also leads to an axial instability. Nevertheless, I will show that some scaling arguments from lubrication approximation remain relevant.

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