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Mardi 2 Avril 11h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Elise Lorenceau, LIPhy

Gas separation using aqueous foams

Processes for separating gas mixtures using membranes are less energy-consuming than those based on thermal processes such as distillation. To optimize transfer kinetics in membrane-based processes, several requirements must be met. First, the gas-liquid interface or specific interfacial area must be maximized. Next, the membranes must be selective and bind only the gas of interest while allowing other components of the initial gas mixture to flow without resistance. Thus, high selectivity, large specific surface area, and gas permeability, combined with the ability to work continuously, are among the essential requirements to achieve efficient gas/liquid mass transfer for gas separation applications. In this presentation, we discuss the possibility of using aqueous foams as membranes to separate different gases. We propose an experimental approach to measure the selectivity and permeability of a gas mixture of a foam by studying gas transfer via a single film and then on the scale of a 2D foam as illustrated below.

Destabilization of the front of a CO2 foam when it comes into contact with air. The width of the image is 10cm (credit Cécile Aprili).

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