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Sujet de thèse : Caractérisation des transferts thermiques dans un micro-régénérateur

Study of the thermal performances of a reticular type regenerator

Scientific program :
This work will focus on the thermal aspects of a stationary and oscillating flow inside a reticular type regenerator.

Contacts :

Consortium :
This project will involve two members of the DSBT : Manuel Medrano Munoz (Assistant professor) who is responsible for this area of research and provides skills in nano/micro manufacturing, regenerator technology ; Nicolas Luchier (CEA/HDR senior researcher) which brings its expertise in numerical simulation. This project will involve also two members of the LEGI : Damien Colombet (Assistant professor) and Frédéric Ayela (Professor) who brings complementary skills in nano/micro manufacturing, microfluidic flows, heat transfer, metrology and numerical simulation. The coordination of this project will be facilitated by the fact that all the permanent actors involved in this project have already collaborated together on two theses in this topic (A. Sochinskii and B. Bataille).

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