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Lundi 18 Decembre 10h30 - LEGI Salle K118

Pierre Duquesne, LMFA

FLORA (FLOw control in RAdial compressor)

In a basic jet engine, air enters the intake and undergoes compression. The compressed air is then directed into combustion chambers where it is mixed with fuel and the resulting air–fuel mixture is ignited. Compressor surge, a form of aerodynamic instability, limits the operational range of the jet engine, including its high-efficiency operation. Improving engine operability requires increasing the compressor surge margin, which remains an open challenge.

This presentation of the FLORA project focuses on comprehending the transient behavior of the radial compressor provided by Safran Helicopter Engines. This involves a precise characterization of instabilities that occur at various rotation speeds and different Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV) stagger angles. Detailed experimental investigations are planned to offer an enhanced and time-resolved description of the path to surge. In addition to experiments, calculations will aid in understanding the internal flow structures that develop from stable operating points up to surge.

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