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Vendredi 3 Novembre 10h00 - LEGI Salle K118

Maurizio Quadrio, Politecnico di Milano

Fluid dynamics of the human nose : where surgery meets flow control

The airflow in the nose is a challenging fluid dynamical problem, with major importance in terms of incidence of pathologies and social impact. Breathing has a rich flow physics, and takes place in an intricate anatomy, with huge inter-subject variations ; the concept of a “functionally normal nose” remains elusive. In my talk, I will describe the problem and its medical, social, and economical relevance, and provide a broad overview of the range of activities of the OpenNOSE workgroup, which has a strong clinical focus. In particular, I will briefly describe the CFD tools we are developing, as well as a machine-learning-based approach to classify nasal pathologies, where CFD is used to provide informative features to the classification algorithm.

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