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Long-term shoreline evolution modeling

16/05/2018 - Hai Yen Tran

This study focuses on the feasibility of a combined model that includes longshore sediment transport effects in a cross-shore shoreline evolution model. Longshore transport produces long-term changes of the beach morphology and shoreline position. The longshore contribution is worked out on the basis of the one-line approach in which the shoreline position in time depends on the alongshore gradient of the volumetric sediment transport rate. The analysis provides a relationship between the equilibrium shoreline angle and the wave forcing direction. It also yields a shoreline evolution equation generated by the sole longshore transport. This model is included in the Splinter et al. (2014) behavioral model. This combined model was calibrated on the Narrabeen semi-embayed beach data (Turner et al., 2016) and the Nha Trang embayed beach data (Almar et al, 2017). The results are that the combined model is able to reproduce the shoreline trends and that the longshore component contributes to the seasonal shoreline fluctuations.