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SST Anomaly in the Mozambique Channel

03/05/2018 - Guoqing Han
K118 12h15

The sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly in the Mozambique Channel is revealed by high resolution satellite remote sensing data . The data analysis shows that the mean SST inside the channel is about 1.00℃ warmer than the east of Madagascar island, at the same latitude, and it can even reach 2.5℃ in some years. The SST anomaly is speculated to be mainly caused by the blocking effect of the island. Both the observational data and numerical modeling are applied to the study. Our results show that the wind blowing easterly become weak in the west Madagascar Island due to the orographic blockage by mountains over Madagascar Island. As a result, the mixed layer depth inside the channel is shallower than the east of Madagascar Island. In addition, the background circulation fields and oceanic eddies also play an important role in this anomalous phenomenon.