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Undular bore dynamics in river-like channels

15/12/17 - Remi Chassagne

The formation and the dynamics of undular bores in open channel are investigated using a two dimensional depth integrated model containing dispersive terms. First the development of secondary waves during bore propagation has been simulated on rectangular channel (flat topography). The dynamics of undular bores in such channels is already well understood. The experimental results of Treske [1994] allowed to validate the model. On channels with banks, both field measurements and experimental works describe a transition of the wavelength for a Froude number between 1.10 and 1.15. This transition is studied analytically and numerically. The study has allowed to characterize a new type of secondary waves created by refraction on the banks. The jump in wavelength observed experimentally corresponds to the transition between this new type of secondary waves to the ones observed on flat topography.