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Mardi 30 janvier 2018 à 11h00 en salle K118

Edith Beatriz Camano Schettini, Professora Titular, Mecânica de Fluidos e Turbulência, IPH / UFRGS

Titre/Title : High order direct numerical simulations of free surface flows

Contact : Martin Obligado (Equipe EDT)

Résumé/Abstract : The study of free surface flow is one of the oldest investigations carried out by scientists. The most common numerical approaches are, in general, of low order. Here, we present an approach based in a DNS – Direct Numerical Simulation – technique, to simulate the turbulence present in this type of flows. Our purpose was to have a full parallelized 6th order precision finite difference code for multiphase flow simulations, focused in free surface flows. The methodology is based in the Incompact3d code and the calculation of free surface is performed using the Level Set method. The pressure is divided in two components : first we calculate a hydrostatic portion and after a correction is made considering a non-hydrostatic behaviour. Because the interface of immiscible fluids is very thin and the fluid properties present a jump, dispersion errors became important. A hyperviscosity tool is used to avoid dispersion errors. Applications to free surface flows, like dam break and droplet fall are presented.