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Development of coupled CFD-PBE OpenFOAM solver for multiphase flows

A collaboration between LEGI (Cyrille Bonamy) and University of Magdeburg (Anurag Misra and Stefan Hoerner) has been initiated with the goal of implementing a coupled CFD-PBE OpenFOAM solver for multiphase flows. As a first step towards this direction, the solver multiphaseEulerFoam has been extended using the OpenQBMM library for solving population balance equations in each Eulerian dispersed phase. Simulations for the gravity-driven separation process of a three-phase system composed of organic (top), water (bottom) and bicontinuous (surfactant-rich middle layer) phases has been carried out using simplified coalescence models. Preliminary results have been promising and further modifications will be made to the solver in order to handle more complex coalescence models and settler geometry.