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2017-MILESTONE : MIxing and LEngth Scales in Stratified Turbulence - Part 2

Strongly stratified turbulence is a possible interpretation of oceanic and atmospheric measurements.

However, this regime has never been produced in a laboratory experiment because of the two conditions of very small horizontal Froude number Fh and large buoyancy Reynolds number R which require a verily large experimental facility. We present a new attempt to study strongly stratified turbulence experimentally in the Coriolis platform.

The flow is forced by a slow periodic movement of an array of six vertical cylinders of 25 cm diameter with a mesh of 75 cm. Five cameras are used for 3D-2C scanned horizontal particles image velocimetry (PIV) and stereo 2D vertical PIV. Five density-temperature probes are used to measure vertical and horizontal profiles and signals at fixed positions.

Project leader : Pierre AUGIER (CNRS LEGI Grenoble)

Members : Antoine CAMPAGNE, Miguel CALPE-LINARES (UGA LEGI Grenoble)