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Experimental study of a vortex generated at the edge of a channel with a step and a periodic flow


Cruz Daniel Garcia Molina
New PhD student in MEIGE group

I’ll present an experimental analysis of an estuary-like system with a periodic forcing, mimicking the tide. We considered two domains connected by a channel. As an attempt to make a more realistic approach to estuary-like systems, the channel layer depth is smaller than in the two other domains. At the outlet of the system, three vortices are formed : a dipole and a spanwise vortex. To investigate this system we measured the velocity field by PIV in the vertical plane passing along the channel centerline. And, as vortices are low pressure regions, they produce a deformation on the water surface which we detected by using the synthetic Schlieren method. This experimental study was published as a chapter in "Recent Advances in Fluid Dynamics with Environmental Applications" (