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A minimal coupled DEM-fluid phase model for bedload transport

26/02/2015 Raphaël Maurin

A minimal two-phase model to study turbulent bedload transport focusing on the granular phase is presented and compared with experiments. The model intends to describe bedload of massive particles at relatively low Shields numbers, for which no suspension occurs. A discrete element method for the granular phase is coupled with a one dimensional volume averaged two-phase momentum equation for the fluid phase. The coupling between the discrete granular phase and the continous fluid phase is discussed, and we propose a consistent averaging formulation adapted to
bedload, where wall-normal gradients are important. The model is tested reproducing existing bedload experiments of mono-disperse 6 mm
glass beads in an inclined flume, where the experimental setup allows each particle to be followed. Comparing the solid depth profiles, we show that the model is able to catch the main granular processes of bedload transport. The model is further employed to study the effect of the restitution and friction coefficients. Frictional interactions are shown to be more important than collisional ones for 2D monodisperse bedload transport.