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Thesis scholarships - financing acquired

Sujet de thèse : Cavitation hydrodynamique sous champ magnétique intense

Proposition de thèse financée, octobre 2022
Notre équipe a développé ces dernières années le concept de cavitation hydrodynamique «sur puce», au cœur de microsystèmes fluidiques. Cette approche (...)

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PhD proposal: Aeroacoustic and phonetic study of sound source interactions in speech

Funded 3-year PhD offer (CNRS | 80 PRIME) from 01/10/2022 until 30/09/2025
Collaboration between:
LEGI (UGA, Grenoble, France)
LPP (Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France)
Main location: LEGI (...)

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PhD proposal: Experimental study of bubbles at very high Reynolds numbers

Dispersed two-phase flows at high Reynolds numbers are present in various applications, in particular in the fields of traditional and renewable energies (nuclear, hydraulic), in aerospace (...)

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PhD proposal : Anisotropic mesh adaptation and numerical schemes for the LES simulation of interfaces

SAFRAN group relies more and more on high-fidelity numerical simulations for aeronautic engine design. For example, Large Eddy Simulations are used in the design offices to characterize the (...)

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PhD proposal: The role of the turbulence cascade in wind energy applications

Project summary
Over the last years, wind energy research has experienced an exponential growth worldwide. In particular, the study of the flow downstream one or several turbines has captured (...)

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PhD proposal: Fluid phase change simulation in porous and cracked media based on multimodal full-field measurements

Project summary
The performance of reinforced concrete containment structures is analysed with respect to their ability to prevent a fluid from percolating through the wall. For concrete (...)

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