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Thesis scholarships - financing acquired

PhD proposal : Anisotropic mesh adaptation and numerical schemes for the LES simulation of interfaces

SAFRAN group relies more and more on high-fidelity numerical simulations for aeronautic engine design. For example, Large Eddy Simulations are used in the design offices to characterize the (...)

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PhD proposal: The role of the turbulence cascade in wind energy applications

Project summary
Over the last years, wind energy research has experienced an exponential growth worldwide. In particular, the study of the flow downstream one or several turbines has captured (...)

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PhD proposal: Fluid phase change simulation in porous and cracked media based on multimodal full-field measurements

Project summary
The performance of reinforced concrete containment structures is analysed with respect to their ability to prevent a fluid from percolating through the wall. For concrete (...)

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PhD proposal: Study of CO2 evaporation in micro-channels for next-generation silicon detectors : experimental and numerical approaches

This granted project investigates a CO2 cooling solution using micro scale heat exchangers for the next generation of silicon-based particle detectors at CERN. This project is in the frame of a (...)

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The turbulent life of rotating downslope currents

Profile and skills required
The candidate will need to master several techniques, as Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), image pre- and post-processing. A solid (...)

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Thèse : Étude théorique et expérimentale des interactions fluide-structure et la formation de jet dans la voix et des pathologies de la voix

Three year PhD position at LEGI Grenoble Alpes University: 10/2019 - 09/2022
Information (sujet complet) et candidater avant 30/5/2019:

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Étude des écoulements oscillants à l’intérieur d’un régénérateur de type réticulaire : impact des dimensions internes sur la fréquence de travail

Laboratoire d’accueil : SBT Directeur de thèse : LUCHIER Nicolas Détail de l’offre : Sur le site du CNES
Pour postuler à cette offre, nous vous invitons à vous rapprocher du directeur de thèse avant (...)

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