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MOST team: Turbulence Modelling and Simulation

Head: GHIGLIOTTI Giovanni

Proposition de Thèse :

- Etude expérimentale de l’instationnarité et de l’agressivité de cavitation par poche se développant sur profil bidimensionnel

- Towards data-driven LES subgrid-scale flow modelling with machine learning

In Brief:

The research of the MoST team is mainly devoted to numerical study of the dynamic of turbulent flows and its consequences on industrial and geophysical flows. Its effort is mainly focused on the direct numerical simulation (DNS) of all the flow scales for moderate Reynolds numbers and on the simulation of higher Reynolds numbers by using large eddy simulation (LES) technique. This technique explicitly solves the largest scales of the flow and uses subgrid scale models to take into account the scales smaller than the grid discretization. This allows to perform unsteady three-dimensional simulations in flow configurations not yet accessible to direct computation. Because of the direct access to instantaneous quantities, the LES technique is an interesting tool for modeling turbulence.

In this context, the team has two main types of activities. The first activity is to develop tools to increase our skills and expertise in numerical simulations of turbulent flow. The aim is to develop physical models and numerical techniques allowing us to perform direct or large eddy simulations for more complex flows, geometrically and physically. The development of more efficient subgrid scale models is an example. The second activity is to use these simulations, as numerical experiments to better understand the physics of turbulent flows and their consequences.

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