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Past research activity

Past research activities are presented by years and following the 3 main research axes of the team:

  • Models and methods development (axe 1)
  • Analysis and control of fundamental processes (axe 2)
  • Transfer to applications (axe 3)

2019 - Axe 1 - Simulation of cavitation erosion by a coupled CFD-FEM approach

Financial support : ITN CaFE
Collaboration : J.-P. Franc (LEGI-ENERGETIQUE) and M. Fivel (SIMAP)
This research is devoted to understanding the physical mechanism of cavitation erosion in (...)

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2018 - Axis 1 - Cavitation erosion modelling using SPH

Financial support : European ITN CaFE project
Collaborations : J.-P. Franc, Energetics team, and M. Fivel, SIMAP
The thesis is focused on development of a Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) (...)

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2018 - Axe 1 - Numerical modeling of long flexible fibers in inertial flows

Financial support : Labex Tec21
Collaboration : B. Hartong (3SR), B. Chareyre (3SR) and P. Dumont (LAMCOS)
A numerical model describing the behavior of flexible fibers under inertial flows was (...)

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2017 - Axe 3 - Simulation and shape optimization of vertical axis hydrokinetic turbines

Financial support : FUI "HYDROFLUV"
Collaboration : E. Goncalves (PPRIME) and HYDROQUEST
Within the renewable electricity production framework, this study aims to contribute to the efficiency (...)

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2017 - Axe 3 - Analysis of head losses in a bulb turbine draft tube by means of unsteady numerical simulations

Financial support : Alstom Hydro France / GE Renewable Energy
The draft tube of a hydraulic turbine is the turbine element located downstream of the runner. It has a divergent shape in order to (...)

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2015 - Axe 3 - Reliability and uncertainty assessment for the numerical simulation of turbulence : application to hydraulic machines

Financial support : ADEME/Alstom Hydro France
The reliable numerical simulation of hydraulic turbines performance requires : i) to includeinto the conventional RANS computations the effect of (...)

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2015 - Axe 2 - Direct numerical simulations of maximally helical turbulence and LES models of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

Financial support : Region Rhône-Alpes / CIBLE program
Collaboration : F. Plunian (ISTerre)
Homogeneous and isotropic turbulence was first formalized by Kolmogorov (1941), through dimensional (...)

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2015 - Axe 1 - Evaluation et development of subgrid scale models for large eddy simulation of mixing based on optimal estimator and machin learning

Financial support : ANR "SCALES"
This work develops subgrid model techniques and proposes methods of diagnosis for Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of turbulent mixing.Several models from these (...)

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2014 - Axe 2 - Numerical simulation of liquid jets sheared by a high-speed stream: Flapping dynamics and interaction with vortical structures

Financial support : Institut Carnot "Energies du futur"
This study focuses on numerical simulation of liquid jets (plane or axial) sheared by a high-speed stream, for a better understanding of (...)

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