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Projets de recherche

2018-CROPEX : The Adriatic-Ionian Bimodal Oscillating System ? Coriolis Rotating Platform Experiment (CROPEX)

The sense of rotation of the sub-basin-wide upper circulation in the Northern Ionian Sea (Northern Ionian Gyre) is a possible driver for deviating fresh surface Atlantic waters on their way (...)

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2018-JEVERB : JEts interacting with VEgetation in Rotating Basin (JEVERB)

Contaminants, nutrients and sediment particles flow into our inland and coastal water bodies often forming turbulent jets. Some examples are outflows from rivers, sources and discharges entering (...)

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2018-ADDUCE : The dynamics of bi-directional exchange flows : implication for morphodynamic change within estuaries and sea straits

Environmental and geophysical flows, including dense bottom gravity currents in the ocean and buoyancy-driven exchange flows in marginal seas, are strongly controlled by topographic features. (...)

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2017-ICESHELF : Topographic barriers and warm ocean currents controlling Antarctic ice shelf melting

The potential collapse of the Antarctic Ice Sheet in a future, warmer climate and the consequent dramatic rise in sea level would cause flooding of large, densely populated areas. The Fifth (...)

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2017-SLOCET : Sheldf sLOpe impact on Coastal Eddy Turbulence

New theoretical analyses and numerical computations have shown that regions of the continental shelf where the offshore shelf profile changes significantly can be sources of coastal eddies and (...)

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2017-ANNI : Vorticity Annihilation at High Reynolds Numbers

The project aims at understanding how rapid vorticity annihilation takes place across a sharp vortical interface at high Reynolds numbers. In order to characterize this process, two distinct yet (...)

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2016-RESEK : Wind stress resonance and deep ocean energy transfer

There are two main comparable sources of the energy to the deep ocean : winds and tides. However, the most efficient mechanism that transfers wind energy to the deep ocean is still debated. We (...)

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2016-CREST : Gravity currents in sub-marine canyons

Dense buoyancy-driven flows in channels are the main transport pathway between shallow slope regions and the deep sea. In higher latitudes these stratified flows are known to be strongly affected (...)

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2014-CARR : Internal mixing and near-bed dynamics induced by restricted stratified exchange flows

This is the first project performed on the new platform Coriolis II.
The aim is to study the dynamics of the mixing between fresh and salty water in an estuary or a fjord. Both configurations (...)

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