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Publications 2019

Currently in Preparation or Submitted Leclair, M., Raja, K., & Staquet, C. (2019). Nonlinear reflection of a two-dimensional finite-width internal gravity wave onto a slope. (...)

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Publications 2018

Miscellaneous Chassagne, R., Chauchat, J., Maurin, R., & Frey, P. (2018). Discrete element simulations and continuous modeling of vertical size-segregation in bedload transport. (...)

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Publications 2017

Miscellaneous Hsu, T. - J., Kim, Y., Cheng, Z., & Chauchat, J. (2017). An Eulerian two-phase flow model for sediment transport under realistic surface waves. Nagel, T., (...)

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Publications 2016

Miscellaneous Augier, P., Bonamy, C., Campagne, A., & Mohanan, A. V. (2016). FluidImage, a libre framework for scientific treatments of large sets of images. Chauchat, J., (...)

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Publications 2015

Currently in Preparation or Submitted Wirth, A. (2015). A Guided Tour Through Buoyancy Driven Flows and Mixing. France. Wirth, A. (2015). A Guided Tour Through Physical (...)

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Publications 2014

Miscellaneous Chauchat, J., Revil-Baudard, T., & Hurther, D. (2014). Two-Phase Flow Modelling Perspectives Based on Novel High-Resolution Acoustic Measurements of Uniform Steady Sheet-Flow. (...)

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Publications 2013

Peer-reviewed Publications Abreu, T., Michallet, H., Silva, P. A., Sancho, F., Van Der A, D. A., & Ruessink, B. G. (2013). Bed shear stress under skewed and asymmetric oscillatory flows. (...)

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Publications 2012

Peer-reviewed Publications Almar, R., Cienfuegos, R., Catalan, P. A., Michallet, H., Castelle, B., Bonneton, P., et al. (2012). A new breaking wave height direct estimator from video imagery. (...)

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